Sunday, October 2, 2011

Run for the Cure!

Today was the day!!  Run for the Cure day!!!

It was cold out but Nan's Boobsters braved the cold and had a fabulous day!!

This is the culmination of our efforts this year!  Crop for the Cure was born several years back as a way to support our team in this event each year.

THANK YOU AGAIN to everyone who supported us through both Crop for the Cure and Run for the Cure!!  It is amazing to all of us how many people stand behind us in our efforts to fight this disease.

Remember, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so now is as good a time as any to do a breast self-exam!

Nan's Boobsters 2011

Things are already somewhat underway for planning Crop for the Cure 2012.  We look forward to working with everyone again to continue in our fight against this disease!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Wish For You! - Avocado Arts

Just the other day I received an email from Michelle Ogdahl letting me know about a new stamp set from Avocado Arts.  Take a look at the picture below and I am sure you can figure out why she thought I would be interested.

First of all, this is an amazing set!  I love the Avocado Arts products!  You really must go check them out!!  They have a fabulously talented "Pit Crew"!
But, secondly, I think it is an amazing thing they are doing with this set.  Check this out from their website to get the scoop.....
Giving Good with Avocado Arts

On a monthly basis, a portion of each sale of the "My Wish for You" stamp set will go directly to a different foundation, organization or group that we support. I am excited to share that our first recipient of the Giving Good program is Isaac's Foundation. The mission of this foundation is to raise money to help fund research to find a CURE for childhood cancer.

Giving Good never felt so GREAT!
I am very proud to have had Avocado Arts as a sponsor for the 2011 Crop for the Cure and Michelle has so generously already agreed to support our 2012 event!  Show them some love and check them out on their website, blog & Facebook page today!  Their stamps will make a perfect addition to your scrappy supplies!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


WOW!!  Seriously, I am not sure what else to say except - WOW!!!  That is how I feel, today the morning after Crop for the Cure.  I want to say THANK YOU but those words just seem to be so small in relation to how overwhelmed I am feeling!!  What an amazing day filled with SO much incredible support from many many amazing people!!!  Each and every one of you who support our day deserve credit, appreciation and so many thanks for helping us make our day the crazy success it has become.  A million times I say thank you and that will still not be enough!!!

Our day was amazing again!!  Not without it's glitches but still amazing!!  I have to admit I panicked just a wee bit when the power went out very early into our day but thankfully it was just a flicker and then the crazy weather cleared up and we were okay after that.  That unfortunately was not the last glitch of the day.  Dinner was running a little late due to a crazy issue with outlets where our roasters kept blowing breakers.  Man, that was frustrating!!  Thankfully, we have so many amazing, incredible and patient ladies who attend our day and we made it through and did finally serve up a yummy late dinner!!  Thank you to everyone there for being patient with us while we worked out the issues!!  You guys are all the best!!

I have to say a gigantic THANK YOU to our vendors this year.  Scrapping Turtle - what can I say about this amazing store?!?!  Well, I love the store!  It is truly my happy place.  Such an awesome store but more than that, I love the ladies there!  Hannah - you rock, my friend!!  I was so glad to have you there with us for just about the entire day!  I ask for help and you step up and support our day in major ways!!  THANK YOU for that!!  You are amazing and I love ya!!  And of course, I cannot forget Lori.  I bring you some goodies and you create and teach the most amazing class!!!  Sure, it ran over time but isn't that what I love about your classes?!?!  You pack so much goodness into it that it is impossible to complete it all in time!!  Truly awesome!!  Thank you so much for being a fabulous friend and a truly amazing support to our day!!  You too rock and I love ya!!

Our other fantabulous vendor was the super sweet and amazing Denise Donald - Stampin Up Extraordinaire!  Thank you so much for supporting our day and helping to make it awesome!!  And your class was incredible!!  Again, I am so very appreciative that you share your time and talent with us.  You are fantastic and I am blessed to call you friend!!!  I have to do another shout out too since Denise was so sweet to make Crop for the Cure the hostess for the day so we were so incredibly blessed to receive an extra $140 donated to the cause!!  Thanks lady!  I love ya!!

I also need to send out many thanks to our incredible sponsors!  We couldn't do it without you all!!  Seriously, I cannot say enough how much your generosity is appreciated!  Thank you just doesn't seem enough!  I contact you and you all step up in a major way!!  You are amazing and I am awed by each of you!!  I know one of the things that makes our day fabulous is that each of our participants get to go home with some of your fantastic goodies!!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!!  I hope to be able to count on your support for years to come!!!  (Please, if you are reading this, go check out the list and give some love to all of the fantastic companies and people who support our day.) 

We have so many businesses that support our day but we also have many generous individuals who do as well.  I love that there are so many people out there who have embraced our day and just show up with goodies to give away.  That is amazing to me!  Many of our participants have been with us each of the five years and have become part of our big CFTC family!!  Thank you so much to each of  you for your support!!

One of the very amazing things about CFTC is that we get a lot of the same people back year after year!  While I always feel bad when people miss out on getting a ticket and I have to turn them away, I am so thrilled that this has become just like a big family!  I love seeing the familiar faces walk through the door each year!!  Thank you to all of you who keep coming back!  I guess we must be doing something right!!  ;)

This year it was my pleasure to give away a couple of very special prizes.  These are really tough ones to give away but also amazing ones to give away.  I think they help remind us what we are doing at CFTC every year.  Sure, it is a day of fun and friends but it is also a day to fight toward a future without breast cancer.  At the heart of it, that is what we are all doing!

Kathy Quinn was a lady that I did not have the pleasure of getting to know very well but was thrilled to have with us our very first year doing CFTC.  Sadly, she lost her battle to breast cancer a few years back.  I know she is missed by all those who loved her.  Each year, her family, with the help of Keri Postma, put together something to give away in her honour.  This year we had a special prize of a $48 gift certificate in honour of her 48th birthday that she should have been here to celebrate last weekend. 

Laurie Cheney, or Elmo as we lovingly call her, was a fantastic friend who lost her battle with cancer this past year.  It was very strange not to see her smiling face and her bouncing Elmo backpack there yesterday.  I was thrilled when Grace Stone contacted me and wanted to organzie a gift to be given away in her honour.  I hope in some small this helped keep Elmo a part of our day. 

I also need to thank my friend Kristy for helping me out behind the scenes as I prepped for the day.  And of course for making the very yummy Girardelli brownies!!  I don't think there was a crumb left.  And many thanks as well to Lynne for bringing some sweet treats for everyone to enjoy!  I heard many full mouths commenting on their tastiness!!  Also, many thanks to the ladies who helped us tidy up last night (Marissa, Ria, Shelley, Denise, Heather).  You ladies were a big help - both with cleaning up and with commiserating with me over my injury!!

Oh, and how can I not shout out my amazing Momma & sisters (Tami & Manda)!!  Not only are they the most fabulous ladies ever but they allow me to be bossy and run the CFTC show.  You guys rock!!  The food prep is done completely by these ladies.  I am seriously no help at all in this department.  I really could not do this without them.  Not just because they make sure everyone is fed but because they are the most amazing support a girl could have.  Not just when it comes to CFTC but every day.  I am truly blessed to have the most incredible family ever!!!  Oh, and I can't forget my Daddy who helps us with the heavy lifting and hauls the tables back and forth for us!  Thankfully, he will work for chocolate!! ;)

Oh, and a major shout out to my sweet, funny and adorable niece Marissa!  Rissa Roo was the princess of the day!!  Not only was she super good and well behaved (which really is not a surprise at all) but she was the most awesome help!!  She drew each and every one of those draw tickets and hand-picked the prize each person won!  And many times, this required a lot of deep thought and consideration on her part!!  You are truly amazing Ruby Roo and we all love you too much!!!

Who else can I thank?!?!  I don't know.  I truly hope I got everyone.  I am still feeling so overwhelmed by it all!  So, please if I did not thank you just know that I am SO appreciative of everything everyone does to help and support our day!  I wish I could go through the list and thank each of our sponsors individually but frankly, none of us have that kind of time!  Just know that you are all amzing to me!! 

Hey, who's ready for June 2nd, 2012?!?!?

Before I sign off, please let me remind everyone how this day got started.  For my family - it is about our Nanny!!  She was the most amazing and incredible woman ever and we all miss her so much!  For us, she is at the heart of this day!  I know that she was smiling down at us!  I love you Nanny and I will until the end of time!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A special donation....

Once again this year I am honoured to be giving away a donation in memory of Kathy Quinn.  I am told that today would have been her birthday and I am sure she is not far from the thoughts of all of those who loved her.

I just wanted to say thank you to her family and friends for donating in honour of her.  It means a lot to me to be able to include her in our day in this small way.


Completely unrelated topic......

Don't forget to check this post for all of the class info.  There are still some spaces so email me today to sign up. 

If you happen to be reading this blog and are interested in the classes but not attending CFTC.  No can either come and join us just for the class or you may purchase a kit.  Email me for more details.

**kits available for the card class only**

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stampin Up deals

Just thought I would pop back again and share some deals that Denise Donald, our on-site Stampin Up demo, has in store for you.  Denise is joining us for the day as a cropper but has graciously offered her time to teach a class.  She will also be available to accept orders and of course answer any SU questions you may have.

She is also offering some amazing deals exclusive to Crop for the Cure....

FREE Shipping on all orders placed during the event

She is offering a special door prize for anyone who places an order at the event.  You will receive one ticket for every $10 you spend on SU merchandise.

Plus, remember that if you place a $75 order you are able to attend the day's class for FREE

So, I don't know about you but I think you should get your wish lists ready!!!  If you are thinking of placing an order, why not wait until June 4th and have a chance to win some goodies and save on shipping!!

Class Details

Class Information is here!!!  We have two spectacular classes available for you this year!!  Spaces are limited and are first come, first serve so please email me asap to reserve your spot.  In order to avoid any confusion of over-booking, I will take reservations through my email.  I can then either send you an invoice to pay online or we can discuss alternative payment methods. 

You must email me to reserve your spot!! 


First up is a fabulous card class being taught by the super talented Lori Price and sponsored by the generous folks at Cosmo Cricket.  In this class you will make 12 amazing cards using the Wanted line from Cosmo Cricket.  Lori has definitely worked her magic with these.

The cost for this class is $30 - a real bargain for 12 cards!!


Next up is a class being taught by the very fabulous Denise Donald.  In this class you will be making a gorgeous gift perfect for giving away or just to keep for yourself!!

Stampin’ Up! Class
$25 or Free with $75 order
This purse, made with products from the new Spring Mini catalogue, is the perfect end of year teacher gift or for someone special.
Pictured is the purse and hand sanitizer. Also included but not pictured is a note pad, chapstick and a gift card holder.
In this class there will be more surprises and door prizes!! So book now!!
Only 10 spaces available so reservations must be made in order that material can be ready.

Remember - space is very limited in these classes so book now to avoid disappointment!

The big day is fast approaching and I am so looking forward to it and to seeing everyone!!

I cannot end this post without saying a very large THANK YOU to both Lori and Denise for offering their time, talent and teaching skills to us!  You both are amazing!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

A must-watch video

I know this video is a little off-topic here since we tend to focus on breast cancer but I think it is too good and poignant not to pass on.  Please take a few minutes and watch it.  Pass it along to those you care about.

<iframe height="295" src="" frameborder="0" width="480" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>

hmmmm, it doesn't seem the video wants to work so here is the link to click on....

Heed their message and protect yourself!  Summer is coming.....wear that sunscreen!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This & That....

I just wanted to pop in to share that I have been continuing to update the Sponsors post below as more sponsors come in!  We have had so many incredible people step up and offer their generous support and I want to make sure they get the love they deserve!!  Another THANK YOU to each of them!  I really cannot say it enough!

Also, just a note to let you know that there will be a couple of classes offered this year and more information on those will be forthcoming soon!  Spaces will be limited and will be first come, first serve.

See everyone in June!!

Monday, March 21, 2011


I cannot believe it!!  Tickets went on sale yesterday afternoon and we are SOLD OUT already!!!  I am speechless (and that doesn't happen often)!!
Everyone who has secured a ticket for this year's event should have received an email from me letting you know.
Thank you so much to each and every one of you who purchased a ticket and are planning to come and spend the day with us!  Many of you have been with us year after year and we are thankful for your continued support!  For some of you this will be your first Crop for the Cure and it is always amazing to have new faces with us!!  Thank you for making our day a success!
To those of you who are unable to attend this year for whatever reason, we will miss you and hope to see you out in future years!
To those of you who wanted to come this year but missed out on a ticket, I am so sorry!!  If people are disappointed I feel so bad but never can we predict how these things will go!  Please let me know if you wish to go on a waiting list in the event of any cancellations.
Thank you to all of you who have supported our day past and present! 
Looking forward to a fantastic day in June!!!

Possible Sell Out!!

I think we may be sold out!!  I say I think because I am at work and don't have the list in front of me.  As a result I have removed the button to purchase tickets until I get a firm total!!  I will post an update tonight!!

WOW!  The response is AMAZING!!!  Thank you to everyone who jumped in and bought tickets already!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tickets are on sale now!!

With our space reserved, we have released tickets for purchase.  I expect them to go fast so act quickly to avoid disappointment.  We are truly blessed to have such amazing support for our day and we thank everyone involved!!

Again this year, we have two packages available......

Full Day - $50 and includes lunch, dinner, goodie bag and a door prize ticket
Half Day - $35 and includes dinner, goodie bag and a door prize ticket

Please click on the button to the right to pay online or email me to pay by cash or cheque.

Also available again this year will be a Make & Create Station where you can play with various donated items to make a card for yourself or a thank you card to be donated for a chance at a prize!

There will also be a couple of classes offered this year and information on those will be forthcoming!

We have a space!!!

Some of you may have been wondering why we have not released tickets yet and the reason was there was some behind the scenes things happening around our space.  Well, yesterday I was able to confirm!  We are once again cropping at Schoolhouse Theatre in St. Jacobs.  Now that this detail is worked out, watch for tickets to go on sale soon!!!

Thank you to Mercedes Corp for once again working with us and allowing us use of their fantastic space!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The woman behind it all.....

I just wanted to share here a story I wrote a while ago for the Making Memories blog. It sums up what this day is for us. I know a lot of you have your own reasons for coming to CFTC. Some are doing so in memory of a loved one lost to this terrible disease. Some have fought their own battle and won. Some simply want to support the cause. Some just want a day away to scrap and get some goodies. All of these reasons are great ones because in the end, no matter why you came, your presence helps bring awareness and funds to a very worthwhile cause.

For us, your CFTC team, this day was borne out of grief and the need to do something. I think it is still that but also so much more. While we still strive to honour our Nan, it has also become a day of fun and friends and I think that is something our Nan would be much more comfortable with. I don't think she would have wanted a fuss over her. That being said though, we need people to help us remember the real reason we started this day and the AMAZING, INCREDIBLE woman at the heart of it all.

You are absolutely right when you say breast cancer affects many of us. Too many. I have been blessed to not have had to personally fight the disease but I have been touched by it. My Nan - one of the very best people I have ever known - was diagnosed with this terrible disease. She fought bravely and beat it! She was a remarkable woman. However, the cancer wasn't done with her yet. It had spread and it wasn't long before it was too much for her to overcome. Thankfully, her battle was brief. Now, I know that may sound weird but it would make sense if you knew my Nan. She was a woman who was so incredibly full of life. She gave so much of herself through her work at the Distress Centre and Assaulted Woman's Helpline but that was just a small fraction of who she was. To us, her family, she was Nanny! She was someone who was always there with a hug when you needed it. Someone who we were never to old to crawl into her lap usually while watching some cartoons on tv. Someone who was always there with a comforting word when you most needed it. Someone who just understood without you having to say too much. Someone who had the greatest belly laugh of all time and so loved to laugh. Someone who loved us - each of us - unconditionally. Someone who I miss each and every day! Losing her left a hole in my world that has yet to be filled. I don't think it ever will be. Life goes on and time passes but that wound never truly heals. I think about my daughter who will never know Nan's love or get wrapped up in one of her hugs and my heart hurts. I am truly a better person because of my Nan. She inspired me in so many ways that I think I took for granted. I wish I had taken the time to say the words to her so she knew how much she did for me and meant to me. I take comfort in the fact that she is with me always and knows now.

Losing my Nan was the hardest thing I have to had to deal with in my life. But through dealing with it, I was spurred into action. Although Nan's fight was not lost to breast cancer specifically I still think of it as the enemy that took her from me. And because of that I strive to do my part to raise money and awareness for this very worthy cause and maybe others will be spared the loss my family feels. Each year, my family participates in the CIBC Run for the Cure to benefit the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. We put a team together and go out there and do our part as "Nan's Boobsters". It is a day of family and fun and honouring the woman we all miss so much. We also host a fundraising crop each June as a means to fundraise for our team. Crop for the Cure has had three successful years now and we are working on our fourth (June 5th, 2010). As long as I am able I will continue to do my part in memory of my Nan. I do it for her. I do it for my daughter. I do it for me. I do it for everyone who has been touched by breast cancer.

Note: This was written in 2009 so we are now actually working on our 5th year!!

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support!!  Together we can all make a difference in the fight against breast cancer!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The sponsors have already begun rolling in...

I reach out and people respond and I am amazed each and every time!! Seriously, this is the fifth year of doing this so you would think I would be used to things by now but, nope! Every year I am blown away by the generousity of this crafty community of ours. I can not say enough about our sponsors. Please check out the links below and see what they have to offer!!

Our on-site store again this year and one of my very favourite places ever....


Also, on-site to serve your stamping needs.....

Stampin Up!  Demo Extraordinaire

I am thrilled to announce that once again we have a very generous class sponsor!

The following sponsors have donated product to our event....
Carolyn Wintrip Accounting Services
Pink Cat Studio
Wild Orchid Crafts
Your Next Stamp
Two Scrapbook Friends
Anita Be Stampin
Let's Capture Our Memories
Plain Jane
The Paper Trail
Kelly Panacci
Jo-ann Leblanc
Sherry Weiss
Learning Factory
The Scrapping Bug
Memories Manor
Regan D'Agostino
The Robin's Nest
Kirstan Howells - Stella & Dot Consultant
Avocado Arts
My Favorite Things
The Paper Passion
Pixie Dust Paperie
Mabel's Labels
Love to Stamp
Simon Says Stamp
Ninabrook Designs
Up The Street

It means a lot to me to give away a prize donated in memory of Kathy Quinn.  We were lucky enough to have Kathy join us our first year and I am honoured to give away a prize in her name each year.  Thank you so much to her family and friends for keeping her a part of our day year after year.

I am thrilled to accept a donation in honour of an amazing woman who we lost this year.  Laurie Cheney's scrapping friends are together offering a prize in her honour.

A great big THANK YOU to each of these businesses and individuals!!

We cannot tell you how much your support means to us!!

The time is here....

Planning for the 2011 Crop for the Cure has begun!! I cannot believe this is our fifth year doing this event. We have come so far since we first started and I constantly amazed at the support we receive.

This event is obviously near and dear to our hearts and it is overwhelming to see how successful it has become. I must thank our very generous sponsors for that. I reach out to MANY people for support of our day and it amazes me how people come through for us! This is an incredibly generous community! THANK YOU!!

I must also thank our participants! Some of you have been with us since the beginning and you keep coming back year after year! I know for some of you this cause is just as important to you as it is to us and we thank you very much for your support. Obviously our day would be nothing if you didn't keep coming! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!

And as always, at the heart of our day is our Nan! She is the reason this day began. Five years ago, we had the idea to run a crop to help us raise money for our donations for our Run for the Cure team (Nan's Boobsters). We had a small but mighty turnout and enjoy a fantastic day while raising some money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. The rest, as they say, is history! Crop for the Cure is now well established in our local community and I think it is safe to say that there are a lot of ladies who look forward to it each year. I know I love the day and I am glad so many others do as well.

This year's plans are well underway and the promise of donated goodies are already rolling in!!! We are waiting to finalize a couple of details on location and then tickets will soon be available for purchase.

We will continue to update this blog with details as they come in so follow us and share the ride!! We look forward to another fun, fabulous and successful year!!